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Native English Speaking Requirement
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Outsource SA Venezuela is currently hiring customer service representatives with call center or / and telemarketing experience and marvelous english speaking skills, people that have english as their native language, if not, with large experience living and working abroad to help us take international phone calls. Our staff works from home and they are located all over the country. We’re looking for really charismatic, committed, responsible people who are able to work under pressure. The only things you need in order to work with us are a pair of headsets, a reliable internet connection, a computer and full time disposition to work.

Salary: 23.400.000 Bs. After Bonuses.

These are full-time positions with a fixed schedule from Mondays to Saturdays. We pay very well and we also give ample opportunities to advance in our company as well.
To apply, please contact our HR Deparment (hr.outsourcesa @ gmail . com) and send us a recording reading the following script:

“Hi my name is (first name) and I am very interested in working on your project.  I have ( X ) years of (college/high school) and I have worked in the ( X ), ( X ) and ( X ) industries.  I hope to be able to start working with your company soon.”

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