Telemarketing Agent Representative
Telemarketing Agent Representative
ProfesionalesVenezuelaEstado de Zulia
Anónimo Miércoles 14 de Febrero del año 2018 / 14:33
Outsource South America is looking to hire a person with marketing experience to work for us. We have offices in several countries and provide a stable, full-time work environment. Our staff lives in Perú, Colombia, and Venezuela. You must have lots of sales experience and be serious about employment. You must speak fluent English. We are growing rapidly and hiring now. All you need is a good Internet connection, speak, read and write English fluently, headsets with microphones and be available to work full time. To apply, fill out the short application form and we'll contact you with a decision 24 hours. 

Salary (VENEZUELA): Bs Aprox 5.000.000Bs after bonuses 

This is a full-time position that requires you to work fixed hours, Monday through Friday or Saturday. We pay very well, have paid vacations, bonuses and other benefits as well as ample opportunity to advance in our company. 

Please contact our HR Department to apply.
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